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Washable men's kimono

Washable men's kimono

There are various types of men's kimonos.
In autumn, winter, and spring, feather double, pongee, chirimen, etc.
In the summer, silk and socks are suitable.

Please refer to the selection from the following.

The degree of formality is from autumn to winter, and for spring things, from the formal side to double feathers / chirimen / pongee,
For summer things, it will be more formal and will be more formal / sockeye.

As for patterned and solid colors,
Plain colors are more formal, and patterned items are more casual.

As for the crest, the more crests there are, the more formal it is, and the more casual it is without crests.

Most of the fabrics we handle are 42 cm or more wide.
Double feathers, 10,000 muscle chirimen, and summer socks have more width and more length.
We can also handle large people.
(In rare cases, one piece of dough may not be enough.) In that case, we will respond by using 2 anti-use, grafting, etc. )

13,200  (Including tax) (exc tax 12,000 )
8,800  (Including tax) (exc tax 8,000 )