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Welcome to the Kyoto kimono kohbou


Made to order, mail order of large size kimono until Kyoto kimono kohbou!

In addition to the large size, you tailored to correspond to Iaido, Archery, Tea ceremony etc.

Washable kimono for menWashable kimono underwear for men

Washable kimono for men

Washable kimonoWashable Kimono underwear

Washable kimono

Silk kimono underwearWashable kimono underwear

Kimono underwear and backfabric

Graduation ceremony Hakama / Kimono

Graduation ceremony Hakama / Kimono "Art Komachi"

Characteristics of the Kyoto Kimono kohbou Part 1

Although you tailor it based on the size chart, you can arrange it from your size table to your own fit size, As long as it is a size that can be made from 1 shackle even with semi-order sizes of your kimono or measured, I will tailor it at the same price as the size.

Characteristics of the Kyoto Kimono kohbou Part 2

Many fabrics can accommodate large dimensions.
Even observing the last 10 years is larger, more people like model.
If the sleeve length and the sleeve width are long, a wider fabric is required.
Also, if you are taller, long dough is needed.
In such cases we are making many large sized pieces that are easy to respond to.

Features of the Kyoto Kimono kohbou Part 3

At our company, we make tailoring each time, so
We support even Kyudo family, Iido daiei, tea ceremony and Yaeya.
For example, in Kyudo family, put the kimono under the hakama, put a slit,
We are responding to requests such as attaching sleeves on the left and spreading cuffs widely.

Kyoto Kimono kohbou
Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry Textile Wholesale Commerce Committee

"Kyoto Kimono kohbou" has been registered as a brand of Tahara Ichi Co., Ltd. from the Patent Office No. 5030029 Trademark application 2006 -082086).

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