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Welcome to the Kyoto kimono kohbou


Custom-made, large-sized kimono mail order is available at Kyoto Kimono Kohbou!

In addition to large sizes, we also support Iaido, archery, and tea ceremony.

Characteristics of Kyoto Kimono Studio

  • Custom-made kimonos, haori, and undergarments
    We tailor based on the size chart, but you can arrange it to your own size from the size chart, Even if you have a kimono on hand or a semi-custom size that you measure, we will tailor it at the same price as the size as long as it is a size that can be made from 1 roll of kimono.
  • For larger sizes
    Many fabrics are available for larger sizes.
    Observing the last 10 years, there are more and more people who look like models.
    If the sleeve length is long and the sleeve width is long, a wider fabric is required.
    Also, if you are tall, you will need a long piece of fabric.
    We are making a lot of large size rolls that are easy to handle in such cases.
  • Kimonos, undergarments, hakama, etc. according to the purpose
    Our company tailors each time, so
    We also support archery practitioners, Iaido practitioners, tea ceremony practitioners, and storytellers.
    For example, an archery practitioner wears a kimono under a hakama, inserts a slit, and
    We are responding to requests such as taking the left sleeve and cuffs wider.

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