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About Kyoto Kimono kohbou

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store name

Kyoto Kimono kohbou( In-store appearance (Street View) )

Operating company

Tahara ichi Co., Ltd.

Purport of the site

Mail ordering of kimono / Japanese clothing mail order or selling kimono / Japanese clothing related products
Information on real shops (whosale maker / kimono sale) - Samples are as follows.


〒 604 - 8206 Machigasira-cho104,Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto-city,Kyoto-prefecture,Japan (Map · Wide Area)

Public transport nearest station

Kyoto Municipal Subway (Karasuma Line / Tozai Line) About 5 minutes on foot from Karasuma Oike Station

  • From the Kyoto station by the subway Karasuma Line 3 stations in the International House Hall
  • From the JR Nijo station by the Tozai line on the subway Hamajuzu / Rokkisho Line 2 st stop
  • From the Keihan Sanjo Train Station on the subway Tozai line at the 2nd Station on the Takasaki Tenjikawa Line

15 minutes on foot from Karasuma station on Hankyu Kyoto Line

  • From Hankyu Kawaramachi station by Hankyu train 1st station in Umeda line
  • From Kyoto Station by subway Karasuma Line 2nd station in the International Hall

manager manager

Hideki Tahara
Hideki Tahara

Kyoto Kimono kohbou is a shop selling wholesale kimonos in Kyoto.
Mainly washable kimono, washable with silk and underwear and hakama.

Tahara Ichi Co., Ltd., a management company, has been offering customers for wholesalers in Kyoto.
I have been doing business.
However, from the actual user's feelings and talings
From a thought that I felt a distance and I should not stay like this
I started selling the Internet.

Weaving fabrics at once, such as hakama used for graduation ceremonies, like dyeing and sewing
There are goods, but as much as possible, order size one by one, which fits your dimensions
In spite of it, it deviates from the dimensional table, even in case of requesting an arrangement
We respond as much as possible from the size as shown on the size as much as possible.

Also, if you are a so-called model body type with your hand size or TL size, or
There are also products that can accommodate the larger girder person,
Conversely please feel free to contact those of smaller size.

Although it is still growing, please, thank you.


(Monday - Friday (business day) within business hours AM 9: 30 ~ PM 18: 00 please)

(Monday - Friday (business day) within business hours AM 9: 30 ~ PM 18: 00 please)

(We are accepting 24 hours. Reply will be the next business day.) Request setting of read receipt message please ○ Setting method: Create message → Tools → Check request for read receipt mail )

Inquiry Form

Business days, hours, holidays

  • Business days: Weekdays (Monday - Friday)
  • Opening hours: AM 9: 30 ~ PM 18: 00
  • Holidays: Saturdays and Sundays Holidays
    Gion Festival Vacation (14th - 16th July) Bon Festival (14th - 16th August)
    New Year 's Holiday (December 29 - January 3)

I hope your phone will be available within business hours.
We will reply to you e-mail on the next business day, so thank you.

You can send the sample material.(for in Japan)

In this case, please return it.
The return shipping cost at this time should be borne by the customer.
Also, please understand that there are fabrics that can not be sent.
· Contact Kyoto Kimono kohbou
Kyoto Kimono kohbou (Tahara ichi co.Ltd. Net Business Division)
We will send useful information on kimono.
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