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tailoring · how to measure

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Our products are domestically sewn by domestic one of the most specialized factory in Japan.
We also respond to your request and let me correspond with the specified dimensions and full order dimensions as much as possible with the same tailoring as long as the fabric permits even dimensions not on the size chart.
(However extra fee may be required if the extra degree of tailoring is high.)
We will ship after strict inspection after completion.

After delivering the product, we received a lot of customers' popularity.

(The difference in technique appears in the beauty of the front and back fabrics, sleeve attachment, collar attachment, sword tips etc.)

※Even if you wish to have dimensions not in the size table.
We also accept tailoring such as Iaido and Kyudo in our shop.

Tailoring image

How to purchase items with tailoring

  • Pull down size and tailoring method etc. on each page
    Pull-down image ←You can choose from these kinds of things.
  • If you do not wish to process such as tailoring - Please select "No tailoring".

How to measure dimensions

Measurement method at the time of tailoring / method of finding the size from the body shape
Please tell me the height / hip or "girth" · sleeve.

Your height.

"Hip" or "girth"
It is the biggest part of the waist circumference.

「The length to the bone of the wrist when the arms were stretched out from the bones of the seventh cervical vertebrae」
How to measure, raised the arm slightly upwards,
From around the bones behind the neck to the bones of the wrist.
From the neck bone girth (behind the seventh cervical vertebra), to the dashing of the wrist bone.

※ In case of Kimono (kimono underwear) it will be about 5 mm shorter for kimono case.

 Measure from body shape
When you want to make a kimono / How to measure when you want to tailor the kneading method How to measure from your kimono
Measurements from kimono

If you would like to make a long kimono for your kimono, your Height ,
With reference to the above figure, the clothing of that kimono, [length from the collar center to the hem · length of the sleeve · length of the sleeve · length from the side to the side · length from the center of the back to the wrist · Front width · rear width】
Please tell us the size of each of the total of 8 parts.

※ The length from the center of the back of the undergarment of the kimono to the wrist is about 5 mm shorter than the length from the center of the back of the kimono to the wrist.

To size table To the measuring method To the name of each part (Japanese)

※Awase tailoring · Hitoe tailoring
(Awase tailoring=Tailoring with back fabric / Hitoe tailoring=Tailoring without back fabric)

About undercross during Awase tailoring

About ladies kimono

  • Usually, using to AWASE cross what main parts white color cross(Douura) and colord cross(Hakkake).
    Usually,we choise colord undercros,s coler, but you have like color on my color sample on the website,please offer.
  • You can choice all same color undercross.

About men’s kimono

  • We use all colord undeucross.

About undercross of ladis haori

  • Usuaiiy,we use blur dyeing undercross.
  • And,can use plain dyeing undercross if you need.

About undercross of mens haori

  • Usuaiiy,we use plain dyeing undercross
  • And,can use desined dyeing undercross if you need.

In case of order including tailor, please make payment by credit card payment within site or bank transfer of advance payment.

Tailoring price (without tax)

  • Washable men,s kimono : Awase tailoring ¥16,800- / Hitoe tailoring¥11,550-
  • Washable men,s haori : Awase tailoring ¥16800- / Hitoe tailoring ¥11,550-
  • Washable men,s underwear : ¥11,550-
  • Silk men,s kimono : Awase tailoring ¥32,000- / Hitoe tailoring ¥17,000-
  • Silk men,s haori : Awase tailoring ¥33,500- / Hitoe tailoring ¥19,500-
  • Silk men,s underwear : Awase tailoring ¥25,000- / Hitoe tailoring ¥17,000-
  • Washable lady,s kimono : Awase tailoring ¥14,700- / Hitoe tailoring ¥11,550-
  • Washabe lady,s haori : Awase tailoring ¥14,700- / Hitoe tailoring ¥11,550-
  • Washable lady,s underwear :¥11,550-
  • Silk lady,s kimono : Awase tailoring ¥35,000- / Hitoe tailoring ¥17,000-
  • Silk lady,s haori : Awase tailoring ¥36,500- / Hitoe tailoring ¥19,500-
  • Silk lady,s undercross :¥15,000-(13.5m) / ¥17,000-(18m= for furisode )

"+ ◯◯◯" is displayed in " pulldown :".
It becomes a processing fee such as a tailoring fee added to this commodity fee.
(Product fee + tailoring fee etc processing cost = total product cost)
Display price is the price including undercross.

※If you submit the fabric when the desired dimensions at completion are above the corresponding dimensions of the fabric, the amount separately will be required ¥5,000.

About option

For the above, it will be the price including the basic parts.
The following parts are attached additionally at additional charge.
If you wish to order it please fill in the comments when ordering.

· Ishikiate (It is use for strengthening the seam of the back clad in a Hitoe tailoring kimono)

  • Polyester material +¥1,620-
  • Silk material +¥2,700-

・Katasuberi / Shoulder slip (Attach to the back of the shoulder when tying up a single weave, make it easy to wear)

・We use polyester for the collar of Underwear.

  • If you would like a silk, add ¥ 1,620 -
  • If you wish mixed weave fabric (warp silk 100% / weft rayon 100%), it will be added ¥ 864 -.

About sewing a Emonnuki cloth attached during sewing to underwear

  • ¥ 1,080 - is required separately.

----- AboutOhasyori sewing -----

 Ohasyori image

In case of tailoring Ohasyori sewing at the time of tailoring for kimono for women
Please tell us. (Mail · Telephone · FAX · In order comment field)
This service is available free of charge at the same time as your tailoring.

You will not be able to enjoy authentic dressing if you sew up a dressing
When you wear a kimono, dressing will become easier dramatically.
If you want to remove the sewing of the dressing, in order to remove the thread of the sewing of the dressing,
the part of the Ohasyori is sewing roughly.

About tailoring men's clothes for women

Please at first order only the textiles on the website.
(Ignore if there is size specification)
Please pay the tailoring fee by bank transfer.
Please fill in the desired size in the comment field when ordering.

The only choice for our customers is size.
Please note that we can not accept designation / pattern matching of cutting method.

Also, as far as the fabric permits, we will tailor it as tailored as possible.
(Full order size)
Here isMeasurement method.
In the case of tailoring, you can leave back fabric (backhand, hakkake, shoulder).
If you wish, please refer to the link below for the hakkake,shoulder in the comment field when purchasing. (The douura(main parts of back fablic) combines white.)
Washable hakkake(Made of polyester)
Washable kataura ((Made of polyester)
hakkake((Made of silk)

Tailoring in Japan / Processing period

Tailoring is done at our company by domestic sewing.
The sewing period is about 1 month.
(It may be delayed by the timing.
For example, Bon Festival, Gion Festival Holiday, New Year's and Year end Holiday, Golden Week, Silver Week etc.
Because the garment factory is also closed, it will be delayed by that amount. )
Sewing is available for our products.
Especially when you are in a hurry, please contact us.

About payment

If post processing is included, credit card or bank transfer.
In addition, the customer should bear the commission.

Bank transfer (payment total: product fee + transfer fee + shipping fee)
We only accept prepayment.
We will inform you by e-mail after ordering the payee.

About cancellation · returned goods · exchange

Due to the nature of the product, cancellation after ordering of tailored order items and returned / exchanged
Please pardon.
If there are any problems with the product, please contact within 7 days after the arrival of the item.

About the timing of tailoring and embroidery

If ordering with a credit card, after ordering,
If you place an order with bank transfer after transfer confirmation,
Especially if there is no demand, we will start processing.


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