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To retail stores · tailor-made shrines · shrines · groups(For Japan domestic)

Taharaichi Co., Ltd. which operates the Kyoto Kimono kohbou It is a wholesaler wholesaler such as Kimono / Kimonounderwear Bin.

If the quantity of goods gets covered or the annual transaction amount reaches a certain amount
There are things that can lower the price.

Kimono using a special functional fabric, etc. making use of the maker function · Hakushin,
There are several kinds of products using our proprietary utility model and patent.

Inquiries such as tailoring of hakama etc (including irregularities),
Inquiry of color pattern and fabric
(Although there are conditions such as production lot, price, timing until completion, depending on color pattern), etc.
We are asking for consultation as much as possible.

For example ...

  • For sale to overseas parties
  • Demand for Children
  • Purchase a shrine's hakama
  • Purchase by a real store retailer
  • Party, demand in case of event sale
  • Purchase with event at festival
  • Use in television dramas and dramas
  • Purchase for accommodation rental
  • Lady Majon at accommodation and restaurant, use of a residence

etc. We are used in various cases.

As for the product of our company as a guide as follows we ask.

  • Up to 5 points: marked price
  • 5 points or more: 20% discount
  • 10 points or more: 30% discount
  • But tailor-made fee is not eligible for discount.

In this case, we are asking for bank transfer beforehand.

Dear Tailor / Sewing Supplier

At our company, we use the backworks, eighths, lodges etc. used for tailoring, part of back fabric etc.

I let you free shipping fee.

The applicable product is here → free shipping item

sample book → sample books

TEL: 075-255-7783
FAX: 075-255-7707
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Kyoto Kimono kohbou (Tahara ichi Internet Division)
Kyoto Kimono kohbou