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Washable men's kimono plaid matcha green (Teijin Silpearl Chirimen)

15,400  (Including tax)
(exc tax 14,000 )
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男性用着物 角通し 抹茶緑 男性用着物 角通し 抹茶緑 斜め撮り
男性用着物 角通し 抹茶緑 生地撮り

Attract the eyes of others with this stylish kimono.


This kimono uses the brand fabric Teijin Silpearl.


The corner through pattern of this washable men's kimono is one of the representative patterns of Edo Komon.


The material is polyester, which can be washed at home and is easy to handle.

Chirimen is woven with irregular cross-section yarn, so it feels good on the skin.


This kimono is perfect for when you want to enjoy a casual Japanese scene.


Product characteristics


  • Fabric: Crepe fabric made of polyester with irregular cross-section thread made in Japan(Teijin Silpearl)
  • Dyeing: Kyoto City
  • Other processing: Antistatic
  • Sewing: Japan (hand-sewn and sewing machine combined)
  • Fabric width: 42cm
  • Dough length: 12.5m

care method


When washing a kimono/haori, put it in a net and wash it as a whole.

Please do not use the dry mode of the washing machine or the dryer.


About tailoring


In "Selectable options", you can select cloth or tailoring.


If you would like a kimono roll (no tailoring), please select "no tailoring".

If you wish to have a kimono or haori tailored, please select the size from the table.

It takes about a month to make a kimono.

Even if there is no suitable size, we will do our best to provide the same tailoring fee.


This kimono is sold separately. The square obi and haori string in the image are not included.




Standard reference dimensions for tailoring: Men's kimono

(Length is from the back / unit is cm / can be adjusted and semi-ordered)


  • Type 1: Detemine the length 135, length of sleeve 69
  • Type 2: Detemine the length 140, length of sleeve 71
  • Type 3: Detemine the length 145,  length of sleeve 73
  • Type 4: Detemine the length 150,  length of sleeve 75
  • Type 5: Detemine the length 155,  length of sleeve 77

Standard reference dimensions for tailoring: Men's haori

(Length is from the back / unit is cm / can be adjusted and semi-ordered)


  • Type 1: Haori length 87,  length of sleeve 69.5
  • Type 2: Haori length 91,  length of sleeve 71.5
  • Type 3: Haori length 97,  length of sleeve 73.5
  • Type 4: Haori length 102,  length of sleeve 75.5
  • Type 5: Haori length 106,  length of sleeve 77.5

体型から寸法を割り出す Hou to determine from body shape

  • 「身長」/「hight」
  • 「ヒップ」または「胴回り」/「hip」or 「girth
    It is the largest part of the waist circumference.
  • 「裄(ゆき)」/「Length of sleeve」
    Raise your arms up to 30 degrees below horizontal, From around the back bone of the neck to the wrist bone. From the neck bone gouge (behind the seventh cervical vertebra) to the wrist bone gouge.
  • 「体重」/「weight」


*The sleeve length of the juban(kimono underwear) is about 5mm shorter than the sleeve length of the kimono.


If you want to make a jyuban(kimono underwear) that matches your kimono, please tell us your [height] and Refer to the diagram above to ①determine the length, ②sleeve length, ③Length of sleeve, ④Width of the sleeve's seam, ⑤Length of sholder and sleeve, ⑥front width, and ⑦back width of the kimono.Please let me know the total 8 sizes.


*The sleeve length of the juban(kimono underwear)is about 5mm shorter than the sleeve length of the kimono.

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