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Elimination of antisocial forces

Elimination of antisocial forces

(1) Customers are gangsters, gangsters, associate members of gangsters, or other equivalents (hereinafter referred to as "antisocial forces") or persons who have a close relationship with antisocial forces (hereinafter collectively referred to as "antisocial forces"). If you are an "anti-social force, etc."), we will refuse to use our services.

(2) If the customer is found to be an antisocial force after starting to use our service, we will stop using our service.

(3) The Company will not compensate or compensate for any damages caused to the customer when the use of the Company's services is stopped pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

(4) If the Company suffers damage due to the suspension of the use of the Company's services pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 3, the customer shall compensate for the damage.


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