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About items

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About the goods handled in the KyotoKimonoKohbou

Except for some items, we produce, dye and sew fabrics in Japan. For exceptional items, we are writing on each product page.

About polyester fabric

Materials are used not only in the Japanese style industry, but because of their own distribution, they are using domestic brand fabrics from domestic brand fabrics from textile factories or domestic fabrics conforming to them, so we have completed very high inspection standards for strength and touch I will.
Especially concerning Kappura, we are not only touching the silk to touch the skin directly, we realize even better texture.
In addition, the clothing of kimono is subjected to antistatic, water repellent, and oil repellent finish.
Antistatic is applied to the dough cloth. Because of comfortable wearing, water repellent, oil repellent processing is not done.

About washing (polyester)

For polyester materials such as washable kimono and washable washable and washable long-sleeved, etc.,
You can wash in the washing net with your home washing machine.
However, there is also the possibility of shape collapse so please wash in a weak flow or soft course.

Please be aware that drying mode and drying machine to dry with hot air.
Since the trouble that the fabric is damaged by hot air is sometimes found within the industry, Please be careful not to use dry mode or dryer for use.

Storage (polyester)

For polyester material, keep it in a closet using a clothes hanger, or fold and store it as a paper.

As for the long-term storage, if you keep it in a plastic bag, you may have unexpected trouble due to smells and high temperature.

For irons to take out wrinkles please use low temperature (approx. 120 degrees) patch cloth.

About silk fabric

Basically it is domestic in Japan. For exceptional items, we are writing on each product page.

About washing (silk)

There is a washing method for silk things, but it is better to leave it to a laundry store because it is delicate.

Especially for things that contain this diaphragm (dyeing that is not a dyeing that pretended to be a squeezing like a tang drawing) it's delicate

Please check with the laundry store.

About storage (silk)

Fold it up, wrap it on a paper, and put it in the Kiri chest and store it.

Please keep the Kiri chest of windy, low humidity, direct sunlight.

Also please sometimes hit the wind.

When putting kimonos on paper to be kept Hondatami .
→→ Hondatami is here

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